My Birthday Wish List

I’m not sure if I mentioned in my previous posts how much February excites me. Initially, it was my second most favorite month. December holds the highest title due to the most obvious reason: Christmas. In 2015, November stole the second spot because it is Ammara and Marvin’s birth month. Third place goes to October, the month when my life changed forever and I officially became Mrs. Licuanan.

And the fourth spot goes to ***drum roll please*** FEBRUARY! Yay! I am a February baby and known for being crazy. And yes, I’m proud of it.

For decades, I’ve been secretly doing countdowns as early as right after I say hello to the new year! And February 1st holds a special place in my heart as it marks the start of my birth month – the time of the year I am confident that I can get away with anything, become starry eyed for no particular reason, and is allowed to pamper myself and do the things I’ve been wanting to do. Oh February. You make me feel very special.

For my birthday, all I want is peace of mind, safety and good health for my family. Also, I wish to grow old with a head full of ideas, a face looking a decade younger, and a body to die for. LOL. And since these wishes require continuous, long term interventions, I decided to make a list of the things that I can possibly have within February. So help me God.

1. A trip the the Philippine National Museum

I was born and raised in the Philippines and travelled to different places in my mid-twenties but I’ve never been to the Pambansang Museo ng Pilipinas. It is a government institution in the Philippines that features visual arts and anthropological and archeological artifacts. I’d like to bring my family there, especially Ammara, to trigger her love for art and enhance her curiosity of her surroundings. This may look quite complicated for a 14 month old infant but I think there’s nothing wrong about exposing my kid to advanced learning.


2. A trip to Pinto Art Museum

From what I heard, Pinto Art Museum is a rugged, seemingly Mexican architecture that assembles over 300 modern artworks. I’ve been wanting to go there since I can remember but my case is a bit geographically challenging as it’s located in Antipolo City (my hometown), and I currently live in Quezon City. It’s just a few kilometers away but… uhm yeah, I think my fat ass just isn’t trying hard enough.


3. A trip to Calaruega Church


Calaruega Church is said to be very popular for wedding ceremonies due to its romantic and serene ambience. And sometimes, I, too, daydream of a Tagaytay church wedding. And my goodness, just look at the view!


4. Knitting materials


As a kid, I never really paid much attention to knitting as I was more interested in books and getting good grades. Knitting, I thought, was for old maids. How I wish I realized sooner that it’s also for aging women, e.g., ME.


5. Watercolor brush pens


I used to draw, paint, and create artistic stuff back in grade school but I stopped when I devoted my time in Journalism. Maybe it’s about time I try use this skill again, in preparation for Ammara’s art projects when she starts school.


6. Jane Austen Novels


I’ve always been a Jane Austen fan because her old fashioned love stories are so witty and they never fail to ignite sparks of “kiligness” in my veins. I’ve read most of her novels through e-books but I wish to have tangible copies.


7. Something nude, something red and something dark

Lipstick is a necessity. Need I say more?


8. Oven

I rest my case as a cook as I am very terrible at it and luckily, my husband and mother in law prepare appetizing meals for us, which explains the now existing love handles and cellulites huhu. But being a mother, one of my ultimate goals is to learn how to bake cookies and cakes so I could surprise them with mouthwatering goodies.


9. Harry Potter series and Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

I was never a Harry Potter fan because I thought it was overrated, until last year, when I finally decided to read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone out of boredom. And my, my, I’ve been glued to it until I finished the last book. I read all of them through e-books but still wish to have physical copies. JKR also released Harry Potter and the Cursed Child last year I think, and I just can’t wait to have copies of them too.


10. Calligraphy Pens


I think I mentioned in my first post that I wish to step up my game in calligraphy and in order to do that, I need these!


11. A new phone


Since Ammara throws my phone every time she has the chance to do so, some features are no longer working properly. That’s so sad because I’ve only had it for less than two years. Anyway, that’s fine. I can feel that someone’s going to give me a new one this month or maybe on March. Ehem. Ehem. Thank you, sponsor!


12. Neil Gaiman books

Some friends dear to my heart gave me Neil Gaiman books two or three years ago and I’ve been a fan ever since. His novels are very different from the ones I got used to reading (e.g., Sidney Sheldon, John Grisham, etc.) but I found myself loving his works. His stories have numerous twists and turns and you will never, ever, ever guess how the each story ends. Above are the books that I do not have yet.


13. Silk Scarf/ Shawl

My grandma has a lot of silk scarves in her closet but I never really appreciated it that much until an aunt gave one to me as a Christmas gift. Could it be because I finally understand how classy these are? Or is it because I’m getting old and my fashion tastes are changing? Uh-oh.


14. Fabrics

I seriously wanna learn how to sew especially now that I finally have an electric sewing machine. The only things I need now are the skill, patterns and some wonderful fabrics! I am so excited!


15. Baby #2


The moment Ammara was born, Marvin and I were the happiest people on earth. Having a child gave our lives a new meaning and a better perspective. A little human came into our lives to make us a family. A year after, she turned to this pretty, witty and smart little girl. She is so adorable and I can’t get enough of her. Uhm, do you think it’s time to give her a little sister or a brother?


Krissy ♥


Little Miss Universe 2017

Since the weather this week has been gloomy with occasional surprise rain showers, our choices of outdoor activities were very limited. So we (mommy and baby) spent most of our days busying ourselves reading, learning new words and dance steps, drawing circles (I know it’s too early but this is what boredom does to us) and staring by the window shouting “Blue! Bluuue!” as we point at the sky.

I was running out of ideas in entertaining my little one when I came across something hot on Facebook. Yup! It’s the 65th Miss Universe Pageant! Beautiful women from all over the world are competing for one crown, ONE CROWN – in the Philippines!!! Weeee! How exciting can that be? I’ve seen individual pictures during the swim suit fashion show in Cebu and so far, the following girls are my personal favorites.


Gorgeous, aren’t they?


I showed the candidates’ pictures to my almost 14-month old baby and was surprised to see her gasp and giggle in delight (the same reaction we make when we see her in pretty outfits). I then had this rocket scientist-sort of idea to dress her up for some Miss Universe 2017 feels.

Cute swim suit? Check.

Flip flops? Check.

Sunglasses? Check.

Hat? Check.

Soft band? Check.

And we’re all set!

Here’s our entries for the swim suit competition.



I did not teach her how to make her belly look flat. She learned that by herself. Well, at least, she knows its importance.


Beauty Rule #1: Ang tunay na pretty, maputi ang tuhod.


Ammara: I can’t see anything. Let me remove these sunglasses then. Tastes good, though.


She was chatting with her daddy when I took this picture. Yes, the daddy was there, helping the blogger-wannabe mommy, and the little miss universe baby.


Taken right after she threw her hat away.


Taken after she threw both hat and sunglasses, and daddy managed to make her wear a soft band.


Closer shot. She forgot about her milk belly this time. Haha! 


Brisk walking for a sexier body.


Other than the swimming attires, what I am very excited about are their outfits! Imagine being surrounded by beautiful women in gorgeous dresses of different styles and colors… Oh dear. I can’t even put it into words.

My favorite at the moment is Ms. Nicaragua’s two-piece formal ensemble. Classy yet simple, right?


Not my photo.


Not my photo.

And since Queen P is wearing a pink dress on this event, we opted to match it with Ammara’s pink party gown that she only wore for 10 minutes during her pre-birthday photo shoot. Instead of letting it rot inside the closet, we might as well use it for some important events – such as this one. *wink* *wink*

Other accessories:

Crown head dress? Check.

Wand from previous Halloween party? Check.

Pink shoes? Check.

Here goes!



Warrior Princess in pink.


Is she sweeping the floor with her wand?!



Help! Where did her eyebrows go?


“Are we done yet mom?”


Do I see two pearly whites there?


“Again mom, are we done yet?”


This is how a tired beauty queen walks.

Well that’s it for now. I am saving the other outfits for the Miss Universe coronation night on January 29th. Haha! Yes we’re supposed to participate too! Hopefully, my little girl will be in the mood for some life-changing pictorials again, because the mother will always be. And hopefully, daddy too!

Oh, by the way, do you know that one of my mother’s greatest dreams was to have a Ms. Universe daughter? And being the only daughter in a brood of six made me the sole bearer of the responsibility of fulfilling that dream – which resulted to not learning how to ride a bike, not knowing how to play street games like patintero, and to turning out to be the clumsiest human being I know. I was not allowed to play outside and engage in activities that could result to terrifying scars. Mind you, terrifyiiiiiing.

So did I join the pageant? No. Apparently, my lack of outdoor experiences resulted to lack in social skills. Believe it or not, I was very shy when growing up and being very skinny and taller than most boys in our class did not help. I was often teased by classmates and relatives as “Kawayan” (Bamboo) and I remember silently crying in a corner while watching my confidence crumble. Sniff. Sniff. Thank God for metamorphosis. From an ugly, skinny caterpillar, I became a fabulous butterfly. Sniff. Sniff. Yes, I did. That was my winning moment. And giving birth made me, uhm, a (still) fabulous, semi-chubby butterfly? Hahaha! Whatever.

Before I go, let me leave you with a very challenging problem to solve:



YELLOW SWIM SUIT. Who wore it better, Maxine or Ammara? I dare you to choose wisely.




Krissy ♡



Photo Edits by: Maine Villalobos




An Awkward First Attempt

So how do I get started?

I’ve been thinking of a topic to start my first ever blog post and ended up having five or six on my list. However, I wanted to make this post to be something BIG to jump-start my so called “medium for creativity”. OMG, that made me cringe a bit. Having said that, I set the bar high enough – too high if you ask me, that my mind suddenly went blank. Seriously.

Clock ticking…

Yup. Still blank.

So I am posting this picture of me and my family to serve as my refuge from self-made fears and hesitations.



That’s us.

 I am blessed to have a family that I hold so dear in my heart. I’m grateful to be married to a man who is not only responsible enough in providing for us, but is also my best friend, my number one fan, my confidant, my loyal husband and the best father my child could ever have. Very lucky indeed to be the wife of a guy who understands how important moisturizers are in my life, who is tolerant of my grumpiness and irrationality when it’s that time of the month again, and who still finds me fabulous despite the stretch marks and additional fats I earned after pregnancy.

We’ve been married for a year and a half already and our journey as a couple has been like a roller coaster ride – fun, scary, quiet, overwhelming, amusing, nerve-racking rolled into one. They say that the first year is the most unstable year because that’s the first time the husband and wife live as husband and wife. The adjustment process is not very easy but slowly, I think we’re learning. Thank God we’re calmer now.

Our daughter, our one-year old ball of happiness, is the best gift I have ever received in my entire life! My little girl loves dressing up as much as she loves her milk, and she expects gasps and verbal admiration every time she changes her outfit. Every. Single. Time. She also has this cute “resting bitch face + one raised eyebrow” combo when serious. She loves having her photos taken but I think she prefers to make the shots look candid. She seldom stares and smiles at the camera at the same time. She is also into “reading” her board books, singing and dancing. Overall, she’s a very sweet girl who reciprocates our love with kisses and her signature high-pitched giggles.

As for me, aside from being a wife and a mother, I am also a career woman with some knowledge in the Nursing and Financial fields. Teaching is my passion. I love peach and gold. In art, I am a minimalist but can be wildly extravagant, depending on my mood. I doodle. I used to sketch when I was younger. I’ve been doing calligraphy since grade school and I’m thinking of stepping up my game soon.

I have an adult coloring book sitting in my office locker. I was a writer back in high school and haha I’m trying to be one again through this blog (so help me God). I’ve been reading novels since 5th grade and no plans of stopping yet. I have an undying love of food but I am currently on a self-imposed carbo reduction diet. I am also obsessed with clothes and shoes though I keep it low at the moment because, just because I still have sooooo much calories to burn.

I was unconsciously collecting bags these past few years, most of them were given by loved ones. I love creating DIY cards for my husband and in love with pleasant surprises and unwrapping gifts, big or small. I’m also thinking of learning to knit and to sew and secretly dreaming of becoming a fashion designer and/or an event stylist someday. And errr maybe a chef too! Oops! I just told you. So I guess it’s not a secret anymore?

This blog serves as a platform for me to express just how extraordinary – or bizarre I find my interests and adventures are.

Stay tuned for more!



Krissy ♡