An Awkward First Attempt

So how do I get started?

I’ve been thinking of a topic to start my first ever blog post and ended up having five or six on my list. However, I wanted to make this post to be something BIG to jump-start my so called “medium for creativity”. OMG, that made me cringe a bit. Having said that, I set the bar high enough – too high if you ask me, that my mind suddenly went blank. Seriously.

Clock ticking…

Yup. Still blank.

So I am posting this picture of me and my family to serve as my refuge from self-made fears and hesitations.



That’s us.

 I am blessed to have a family that I hold so dear in my heart. I’m grateful to be married to a man who is not only responsible enough in providing for us, but is also my best friend, my number one fan, my confidant, my loyal husband and the best father my child could ever have. Very lucky indeed to be the wife of a guy who understands how important moisturizers are in my life, who is tolerant of my grumpiness and irrationality when it’s that time of the month again, and who still finds me fabulous despite the stretch marks and additional fats I earned after pregnancy.

We’ve been married for a year and a half already and our journey as a couple has been like a roller coaster ride – fun, scary, quiet, overwhelming, amusing, nerve-racking rolled into one. They say that the first year is the most unstable year because that’s the first time the husband and wife live as husband and wife. The adjustment process is not very easy but slowly, I think we’re learning. Thank God we’re calmer now.

Our daughter, our one-year old ball of happiness, is the best gift I have ever received in my entire life! My little girl loves dressing up as much as she loves her milk, and she expects gasps and verbal admiration every time she changes her outfit. Every. Single. Time. She also has this cute “resting bitch face + one raised eyebrow” combo when serious. She loves having her photos taken but I think she prefers to make the shots look candid. She seldom stares and smiles at the camera at the same time. She is also into “reading” her board books, singing and dancing. Overall, she’s a very sweet girl who reciprocates our love with kisses and her signature high-pitched giggles.

As for me, aside from being a wife and a mother, I am also a career woman with some knowledge in the Nursing and Financial fields. Teaching is my passion. I love peach and gold. In art, I am a minimalist but can be wildly extravagant, depending on my mood. I doodle. I used to sketch when I was younger. I’ve been doing calligraphy since grade school and I’m thinking of stepping up my game soon.

I have an adult coloring book sitting in my office locker. I was a writer back in high school and haha I’m trying to be one again through this blog (so help me God). I’ve been reading novels since 5th grade and no plans of stopping yet. I have an undying love of food but I am currently on a self-imposed carbo reduction diet. I am also obsessed with clothes and shoes though I keep it low at the moment because, just because I still have sooooo much calories to burn.

I was unconsciously collecting bags these past few years, most of them were given by loved ones. I love creating DIY cards for my husband and in love with pleasant surprises and unwrapping gifts, big or small. I’m also thinking of learning to knit and to sew and secretly dreaming of becoming a fashion designer and/or an event stylist someday. And errr maybe a chef too! Oops! I just told you. So I guess it’s not a secret anymore?

This blog serves as a platform for me to express just how extraordinary – or bizarre I find my interests and adventures are.

Stay tuned for more!



Krissy ♡




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