Little Miss Universe 2017

Since the weather this week has been gloomy with occasional surprise rain showers, our choices of outdoor activities were very limited. So we (mommy and baby) spent most of our days busying ourselves reading, learning new words and dance steps, drawing circles (I know it’s too early but this is what boredom does to us) and staring by the window shouting “Blue! Bluuue!” as we point at the sky.

I was running out of ideas in entertaining my little one when I came across something hot on Facebook. Yup! It’s the 65th Miss Universe Pageant! Beautiful women from all over the world are competing for one crown, ONE CROWN – in the Philippines!!! Weeee! How exciting can that be? I’ve seen individual pictures during the swim suit fashion show in Cebu and so far, the following girls are my personal favorites.


Gorgeous, aren’t they?


I showed the candidates’ pictures to my almost 14-month old baby and was surprised to see her gasp and giggle in delight (the same reaction we make when we see her in pretty outfits). I then had this rocket scientist-sort of idea to dress her up for some Miss Universe 2017 feels.

Cute swim suit? Check.

Flip flops? Check.

Sunglasses? Check.

Hat? Check.

Soft band? Check.

And we’re all set!

Here’s our entries for the swim suit competition.



I did not teach her how to make her belly look flat. She learned that by herself. Well, at least, she knows its importance.


Beauty Rule #1: Ang tunay na pretty, maputi ang tuhod.


Ammara: I can’t see anything. Let me remove these sunglasses then. Tastes good, though.


She was chatting with her daddy when I took this picture. Yes, the daddy was there, helping the blogger-wannabe mommy, and the little miss universe baby.


Taken right after she threw her hat away.


Taken after she threw both hat and sunglasses, and daddy managed to make her wear a soft band.


Closer shot. She forgot about her milk belly this time. Haha! 


Brisk walking for a sexier body.


Other than the swimming attires, what I am very excited about are their outfits! Imagine being surrounded by beautiful women in gorgeous dresses of different styles and colors… Oh dear. I can’t even put it into words.

My favorite at the moment is Ms. Nicaragua’s two-piece formal ensemble. Classy yet simple, right?


Not my photo.


Not my photo.

And since Queen P is wearing a pink dress on this event, we opted to match it with Ammara’s pink party gown that she only wore for 10 minutes during her pre-birthday photo shoot. Instead of letting it rot inside the closet, we might as well use it for some important events – such as this one. *wink* *wink*

Other accessories:

Crown head dress? Check.

Wand from previous Halloween party? Check.

Pink shoes? Check.

Here goes!



Warrior Princess in pink.


Is she sweeping the floor with her wand?!



Help! Where did her eyebrows go?


“Are we done yet mom?”


Do I see two pearly whites there?


“Again mom, are we done yet?”


This is how a tired beauty queen walks.

Well that’s it for now. I am saving the other outfits for the Miss Universe coronation night on January 29th. Haha! Yes we’re supposed to participate too! Hopefully, my little girl will be in the mood for some life-changing pictorials again, because the mother will always be. And hopefully, daddy too!

Oh, by the way, do you know that one of my mother’s greatest dreams was to have a Ms. Universe daughter? And being the only daughter in a brood of six made me the sole bearer of the responsibility of fulfilling that dream – which resulted to not learning how to ride a bike, not knowing how to play street games like patintero, and to turning out to be the clumsiest human being I know. I was not allowed to play outside and engage in activities that could result to terrifying scars. Mind you, terrifyiiiiiing.

So did I join the pageant? No. Apparently, my lack of outdoor experiences resulted to lack in social skills. Believe it or not, I was very shy when growing up and being very skinny and taller than most boys in our class did not help. I was often teased by classmates and relatives as “Kawayan” (Bamboo) and I remember silently crying in a corner while watching my confidence crumble. Sniff. Sniff. Thank God for metamorphosis. From an ugly, skinny caterpillar, I became a fabulous butterfly. Sniff. Sniff. Yes, I did. That was my winning moment. And giving birth made me, uhm, a (still) fabulous, semi-chubby butterfly? Hahaha! Whatever.

Before I go, let me leave you with a very challenging problem to solve:



YELLOW SWIM SUIT. Who wore it better, Maxine or Ammara? I dare you to choose wisely.




Krissy ♡



Photo Edits by: Maine Villalobos





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